Outsourced Payroll

The world of payroll is constantly changing. As well as the normal annual budget adjustments to tax rates and allowances each year, in April 2013 we had the introduction of Real Time Information filing requirements (RTI), 2014 brought the Employment Allowance and 2015 Pension Auto Enrolment.

Why not avoid the need to keep up to speed each year in the constantly changing environment and outsource your payroll to us.

We utilise market leading payroll software which is fully compliant with all reporting requirements under RTI together with the Employment Allowance and Auto Enrolment regimes.

If you’re operating a manual payroll system or perhaps a computer package which is not regularly updated, then you need to take action now.

We are happy to offer payroll processing as a stand-alone service or as a package with other accountancy services.

We may also attend to reporting requirements and calculation of deductions under the construction industry scheme.

Call us now on 01925 767222 for a free no obligation quotation. Prices start from as low as £1.50 per payslip. *

*Minimum charges apply.