What To Expect

Are the fees that you are paying your current accountant reflected in the levels of service that you are receiving?


Hunter Healey like to work with Self Employed people, Ltd.Companies, Contractors, and Family Businesses where we know that we can make a difference.


We don’t want to just be pushing paper and form filling, we want to understand your business and help you to grow.  It is our intention to relieve the burden of compliance from our clients to allow them more time to concentrate on the serious business of earning money!

We also endeavour to be contactable at all times in order that clients may discuss matters with us as and when they arise.

As a guide to the service we offer, we attempt to adhere to the following quality standards:

Service Levels
If we get it wrong tell us – If we get it right tell everyone!

Occasionally despite our best endeavours , we may not achieve the exacting standards we set ourselves.  Should you not be fully satisfied with the service delivered then please tell us in order that we may address your concerns and ensure any problem does not reoccur.


If you are pleased with the service you receive, then please recommend us to your business contacts.