Making The Most of Your Savings

August 16, 2015

People often have a slightly misjudged opinion of their savings as a sedentary block of assets that only creeps forward at a glacial pace due to the interest it generates.

The idea that an individual’s savings can be turned into a productive asset is one that is far removed from the image of throwing your money into a dark vault until you need to make a major purchase.

Figures from National Savings & Investments shows that the amount people are putting away reached its highest level in a decade in 2014. The average monthly saving last year was £113, but only 26% of those surveyed were saving with a speciic purpose in mind.

Whether you are thinking about maximising the amount of resources you will have for retirement, or you simply want to start making your money work a little harder, download our guide to strategies for getting more out of your savings.

Making the most of your savings_Aug.15