An Accountant isn’t just for Christmas

October 25, 2014
Yes, Self Assessment Tax Returns are due over the next few months and if you don’t have the know-how or confidence to get it all in order yourself, a qualified accountant can take that burden away from you. Who wants to get lost under a pile of paperwork during the festive season after all?  But don’t leave it to the last minute to find one, January is the busiest time of the year for accountants so make sure you are prepared.

The benefits of using an accountant for the whole year are simple:-

  • They know you and your business and how you work, so can advise you accordingly.
  • They’re qualified – why have a dog and bark yourself!?
  • They have all your previous records up to date, so can identify any anomalies.
  • You are already on their books so you’ll be ahead of the queue for any January rush.
  • They will help you look forward, plan where your business is headed and help you to set objectives.
  • They’ll help to take the pressure off you, and give you back the time that you should be spending on developing your business.
  • They’ll identify any cost saving opportunities that you may have overlooked.
  • They’ll bring an objective view and a wealth go technical knowledge.

So make it your New Year’s resolution for 2015 to get good value from your accountant, so that you can be guaranteed the gift of peace of mind next Christmas.